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Imation Black Watch 3590 Data Cartridge - 43832 :

Imation Black Watch 3590 Data Cartridge

(H model 384 track) - native capacity 30GB
(E model 256 track) - native capacity 20GB
(B model 128 track) - native capacity 10GB

High capacity tapes for high-powered applications
See for yourself why millions of businesses like yours, worldwide, choose Imation Black Watch™ 3590/3590E Tape Cartridges over any other. Imation Black Watch 3590 and 3590E Tape Cartridges are IBM-qualified. You can trust our media — we have over 50 years of data center tape technology excellence.

Our media features:
  • Individual capacities up to 40GB (uncompressed) with performance that won't let you down
  • Proprietary backcoating that ensures your valuable data stays safe
  • Advanced metal particulate media formulation for long-lasting, high-quality recording
  • Certified 128-track, 256-track, or 384-track recording capability for precise data reading/writing & proper tracking for the entire length of tape
  • Servo writing excellence — Imation continues to lead advancements in servo technology
  • Imation certified — every cartridge tested to ensure uncompromising reliability
  • Durability — cartridge ruggedness ensures consistent performance to protect your data
3590 Facts:
  • Launched in 1995
  • Over 89,000 drives & nearly 15 million cartridges shipped
  • Used worldwide by businesses like yours
3590E Facts:
  • Launched in February 2000
  • Over two million cartridges shipped to date
  • Compatible with IBM 3590 H, 3590 E & 3590 B Model drives
  • IBM-qualified

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