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HP Universal USB Proximity Card Reader - X3D03A

HP Universal USB Proximity Card Reader
HP ProCurve MSM422 Access Point WW - J9359B
HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Access Points (MSM APs) bring intelligence to the network edge by providing scalable, seamless wireless access anywhere, anytime. Their feature set is abundantly rich, dispensing multiple network services, enforcing robust security, and delivering high-performance client access - unlike "thin" or "lite" access points. An integral component of the HP ProCurve Intelligent Mobility Solution, MSM APs supports a plug-and-play automatic configuration and ongoing central control by ProCurve MultiService Mobility Controllers for the highest degree of configurability and ease of management. Protection against rogue IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n access points and wireless clients: HP E-MSM415 RF Security Sensors continuously scan for detection, classification, and prevention of wireless threats on IEEE 802.11a/b/g and 802.11n wireless networks. Provides 24 x 7 detection, classification, and prevention capabilities: HP E-MSM415 RF Security Sensors are able to continuously providedetection, classification, and prevention capabilities,even when the connectivity to the HP RF Manager IDS/IPS Controller is lost. The HP E-MSM415 Security Sensor supports both A and E Series WLAN deployments.

HP ProCurve MSM422 Access Point WW

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