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IBM xSeries 100 P4 631 3.0Ghz 2MB, 512MB 80GB SATA, DVD Combo - 8486EDG :

IBM xSeries 100 P4 631 3.0Ghz 2MB, 512MB 80GB SATA, DVD Combo

Intel P4 631 3.0Ghz 2MB, 512MB 80GB SATA, DVD Combo

Model Name: 8486EDY
Description: SMB Express Model

Orientations allowed:
Slots x bays total (free): 4(4) x 5(3)
Form factor: Mini tower
Hot Swap Bays - Standard: 0/0
Cooling System: 3 fans

SMP processors std: 1
SMP processors max 1
BIOS type: Flash BIOS
Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology with EM64T
Processor internal clock speed: 3.00GHz
Front Side Bus: 800MHz
Processor manufacturer: Intel
Internal L2 Cache Size: 2MB

Memory (RAM) std/max: 512MB / 8GB
Optional RAM configuration: 512:1024:2048 DIMMs (must be installed in pairs)
RAM slots total: 4 DIMM
RAM slots available: 3 DIMM
RAM speed supported: 533MHz
RAM type: PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM

Hard Disk
Number of installed hard disks: 1
Hard disk size 1 : 80GB
Hard disk controller: Integrated Serial ATA
Hard disk type: Serial ATA
Max hard disk capacity: 500GB

Graphics Subsystem
Video RAM std/max: 16MB/16MB
Description: ATI RN50B 16MB Video: DDR2 RAM type
Graphics Data Width: 32-bit
Video RAM Type: DDR2
Resolution (max) with Standard Video RAM: 1024x1024 16777216 colors
Max resolution (with max video RAM): 1024x1024 16777216 colors
Max colors (with std video RAM): 16777216
Graphics Bus Interface: PCI

Optical device
Floppy diskette size: --
Optical device type: CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combination
Optical device speed: 16X Max
Device interface: ATAPI EIDE
Average transfer rate: 10.8MBps
Average access time: 100ms
Transport: Front tray loading

Network interface: Gigabit Ethernet- Integrated
Network speed: 1000Mbps,100Mbps,10Mbps

Power Management
Heat emissions: 470W
Sound emissions: 6Bels
Power: 310W
Power supply type: 110 or 220 volt universal manual switch

Weight & Dimentions
Weight: 17Kg
Height: 438mm
Width: 205mm
Depth: 497mm

Security features: Keyboardless and displayless operation
Power-on password
Selectable boot
U-Bolt tie-down support

Limited warranty
Type of service: Onsite Repair
Warranty period: One year parts and labour

Expansion Options
Plug and play support:
SMP Capable: No
Parallel port type: 1 (ECP/EPP:IEEE 1284)
Ports: Keyboard (PS/2)
Mouse port
4 USB 2.0

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