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Epson LX-300+II Dotmatrix 9 pins printer - C11C640051 :

Epson LX-300+II Dotmatrix 9 pins printer

Reliable, low cost dot matrix printer.

Epson LX-300+II

Reliable, low cost dot matrix printer
The Epson LX-300+II 9 pin dot matrix printer is fast, durable and ultra reliable. Printing A4 sheets at 337 cps, it's very efficient and extremely cost-effective to run.
Compact and easy to use
Ideal for front and back office use, where space is at a premium and reliable light duty printing is required. Perfect for PoS applications or transaction printing from measurement and control systems, it's simple to use, has 8 built-in bar code fonts and prints up to 5 part forms.
Optional colour upgrade
An upgrade kit is available with colour fabric ribbons for enhanced functionality.
Versatile paper management
With the ability to handle both cut sheet and continuous stationery, its flexible paper management allows paper insertion from the top, rear and bottom.
Epson world leader in dot matrix printers
Product Description Part number

LX-300+ II

9-Pin 80 Col. , 337 CPS , 1+4 copies


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