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DLink L2+ Gigabit Wireless-Wired Manageeable Switch - DWS-3024 :

DLink L2+ Gigabit Wireless-Wired Manageeable Switch

* Centralized Management of Wireless Network
* Scalable Unified Wired/Wireless Network Architecture
* Simplified & Resilient NetworkDeployment
* Security Management
* Bandwidth & Power Management
* LAN Management * Secure & Versatile Management

The D-Link DWS-3024 L2+ Gigabit Wireless Switch is optimized for wireless network deployment in business environments. With this device, business can install high-performance, secure, manageable and scalable unified wired/wireless LAN switching. With combo SFP, Power over Ethernet and redundant power supply (RPS) support, this switch provides enterprises with easy upgrade to next-generation 802.11n wireless LAN, simple deployment of wireless devices regardless of physical locations, and centralized management of secure wireless mobility and policy enforcement.

Core Units Controlling Entire Wireless Network.
The DWS-3024 Gigabit Wireless Switch is core units that consolidate the security, manage the bandwidth and maintain the intelligence of the entire wireless network. In addition to monitoring users’ identities and maintaining their authentication as they roam, the switch can configure and control all aspects of the wireless access points, including: RF channel and power management, wireless traffic segmentation, AP roaming and load balancing, rouge AP detection and AP access security.

High Performance, Easy Deployment.
Designed for distributed deployments in the wiring closet, each wireless switch can support up to 48 wireless access points. AP connection can be directly to the wireless switch ports, or indirectly through a LAN switch. With 802.3af PoE integrated into every port, these switches allow connected AP to be located at places difficult to access from AC power sources. Gigabit transmission future-proof hardware investments when the network is installed with next-generation higher-speed 802.11n wireless standard devices.

24 Gigabit Ports, No Restriction on Port Usage.
Each DWS-3024 provides 24 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit ports and 4 combo SFP. Each of the 10/100/1000BASE-T ports can connect to a wireless access point, or to a wired LAN device, such as a server, a network storage device, or simply another LAN switch. The combo SFP allows for flexible fiber connection.

Scalable Expansion & Unified Wired/Wireless Deployment.
Small to Medium Enterprises (SMB) may require only one wireless switch to manage a few AP or to use for mixed wired/wireless LAN purposes. When the number of AP is augmented, up to 4 switches can be added to form a large centralized management system. With easy expansion, Gigabit speed to support next-generation high-speed AP, and L3 routing to support enterprise-wide inter-subnet roaming, the DWS-3024 provide an architecture that unifies and simplifies an otherwise complex WLAN environment, readily prepare an existing network for future technology upgrades.

Authentication, Security & Power Management.
The DWS-3024 provides user-based services such as virtual private group (SSID) membership, encryption type, authentication, location tracking and associated network statistics. Authorizations stay with users wherever they roam because all deployed DWS-3024 shares stored information, ensuring secure access and connectivity to the right services. In addition to checking the identity of a connecting user from the switch’s local database, user authentication policies can be sent back to an external RADIUS server for complete verification. This offloading capability ensures that the wireless switch will not overload when clients are simultaneously connecting to the network. For power management, the DWS-3024 allows administrators to set the AP transmit output power to meet individual country regulations, and perform AP reboot from a remote place when required.

Simplified Configuration & Deployment.
Through a centralized management platform, network maintenance and configuration become a more efficient process. If any access point were to fail, administrators can instantly identify the location of the failed AP and immediately swap it out with another AP. The DWS-3024 switch will automatically configure the new AP with the same configuration as the previous unit.

Maximum Performance.
In addition to performing enhanced Layer 2+ forwarding, the DWS-3024 also provides Layer 3/4 and identity-tracking capabilities. Through centralized RF policies, auto-selection of the least utilized channels and AP load balancing, the DWS-3024 can effectively manage the wireless bandwidth to optimize WLAN traffic. Roaming across different AP is fast due to intra-switch roaming, inter-subnet roaming and the Gigabit speed transmission from the AP to the switch. These switches also offer resilient functions such as redundant load-sharing Gigabit links, 802.1q VLAN traffic segmentation, and IGMP snooping vital to supporting IP multicast streams.

Maximum Network Protection.
Each client connecting to the wireless network goes through a strict authentication process to ensure maximum security. Whether the client is an assigned user, visiting guest, or just has department access, the DWS-3024 protects the entire network infrastructure with its vast array of security protocols. These protocols include WPA/WPA2, 802.1x user authentication, and 802.11i standard security.

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