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Epson FX-890 Dot Matrix Printer - C11C524021DA :

Epson FX-890 Dot Matrix Printer

The new Epson FX-890 and wide carriage FX-2190 dot matrix printers are built to offer faster printing, better reliability and flexible paper handling - in a stylish and compact design. They are perfect for production, car dealers, warehouses, labs, wholesalers, freight forwarders, finance departments and trade users who want high performance at low cost.

PART NUMBER C11C524021DA (240V version)
PRINTER TYPE Printing method: Impact dot matrix
Number of Pins in head: 2 x 9 pins
Print Direction: Bi-direction with logic seeking
Ultra Speed Draft (12cpi/10cpi) 680 cps / 566 cps
High Speed Draft (12cpi/10cpi) 627 cps / 559 cps
Draft (12 cpi/10 cpi) 503 cps / 419 cps
NLQ (12 cpi/10 cpi) 125.9 / 104.6
PRINT CHARACTERISTICS 39 character tables:
Italic table/ PC437 / PC850 / PC437 / PC853 / PC855 / PC852 / PC857 / PC866 /PC869 / MAZOWIA / Code MJK / ISO 8859-7 / ISO Latin 1T / Bulgaria / PC 774 / Estonia / ISO 8859-2 / PC 866 LAT. / PC 866 UKR / PC860 / PC861 / PC865 / PC APTEC / PC 708 / PC 720 / PCAR864 / PC863 / Abicomp / BRASCII / Roman 8 / ISO Latin 1 / PC858 / ISO 8859-15 / PC771 / PC437 Slovenia / PC MC / PC1250 / PC1251 International character sets: 13 countries
Friction feed (front*, rear)
Push tractor feed (front, rear)
Push & Pull tractor feed (front, rear)
Pull tractor feed (front, rear, bottom)
Feeder: Front push tractor, Rear push tractor, Cut Sheet Feeder Bin1/Bin2 (Option), Push/Pull tractor (Option) and Roll paper holder (Option)
Paper path: -Manual Insertion Front or rear in, top out
-CSF Rear in, top/rear out
-Push Tractor Front or rear in, top out
-Pull Tractor Front or rear or bottom in, top/rear out
*requires optional front sheet guide or front paper guide
INTERFACE Bi-directional parallel interface (IEEE-1284 nibble mode supported), USB (ver 1.1)
Epson 'Type B' slot for optional interfaces
COPY CAPABILITY 1 original + 5 copies
1 original + 6 copies pull tractor feed (front, rear, bottom)
ACOUSTIC NOISE 55 dB(A) (ISO 7779 pattern)
PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (W) (D) (H) 414mm x 350mm x 167.5mm
Weight Approx. 7.2 kg
PRINTER DRIVER / UTILITY OS: Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP and Microsoft Windows NT operating system Version 4.0
Utility: Epson Status Monitor3 (Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP and Microsoft Windows NT operating system Version 4.0 environment only)
RELIABILITY MVBF 52 million lines (except print head)
MTBF 20,000 POH
Print head life 400 million strokes/wire (400 million characters)
RIBBON CARTRIDGE 7.5 mill. character (C13S015329)
WARRANTY 1 year replacement or repair
Optional extension to 3 years

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